Programs for American Executives/Managers

Past Programs

The U.S.-Japan Institute (and its predecessor, the Wharton Schoolfs U.S.-Japan Management Studies Center) has sponsored the following executive education programs.

  1. Focus Japan Program

This seminar series was developed in conjunction with and co-sponsored by the Eastern Pennsylvania District Office of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Program topics have included Japanfs Distribution Systems, Sogo Shosha (general trading companies), Marketing of American Products in Japan, Japanese Business Practices (rebates, treatment of unsold goods and leftovers, inter-firm transactional relationships, Keiretsu). This series was designed to help U.S. firms to penetrate and compete in the Japanese market.

  1. Businesspersonsf Monthly Luncheon Meeting
  2. This program was provided for a group of local U.S. firms in and near Philadelphia with business operations in Japan. Individuals from each firm met every month at one of the participantsf offices for a luncheon meeting to discuss their problems in Japan.

  3. Study Tour of Japan

The Institute organized several study trips to Japan, both for VP level executives from major U.S. corporations and for the Wharton Executive MBA Program. Each one-week trip consisted of day sessions at such places as the Ministry of International Trade and Ministry (MITI), the Bank of Japan, Toyota Motor Company, Sony Corporation, Fujitsu, Ltd., Nippon Steel Corporation, Fuji Bank, Nomura Securities, and Matsushita Electric Industrial Company (Panasonic). The top management at each of these organizations discussed various aspects of product development and competitive strategies.

Planned Future Programs

The U.S.-Japan Institute plans to sponsor the following programs in the future:

  1. International Investment Seminar in Beijing and Shanghai, Republic of China

This seminar will bring together representatives from approximately 500 American, Japanese, and Chinese firms (100 each U.S. and Japanese, 300 Chinese). Our goal is to promote a better understanding of the Chinese business system in order to improve the working relationship between the firms from the respective countries. For additional information, please contact us at