Programs for Japanese Executives/Managers

  1. The U.S.-Japan Institute (and its predecessor, the Wharton Schoolfs U.S.-Japan Management Studies Center) has in the past sponsored the Penn International Advanced Management Program.  This ten week program for Japanese middle-managers was broken into the following segments:

  • 4 weeks of business English training in Colorado

  • 4 weeks of management training in Philadelphia, Nashville, Atlanta, and Houston, in the areas of American economy, financial management, corporate strategy, marketing, national security, and cross-cultural communications

  • 1 week in Washington, D.C. focusing on U.S.-Japan relations

  • 1 week in Chicago and New York with visits to exchanges and major U.S. corporations

  1. Seminar Series in the U.S.

The institute offers 3 series of seminars designed for expatriate managers of U.S. subsidiaries of Japanese firms.

  • Managing the American Workforce, dealing with general employment-related issues

  • U.S. Healthcare, for Japanese pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers

  • U.S.-Japan Relations Washington Perspective, focusing on the U.S. view of the bilateral relations, including visits to Japan offices in executive departments and to relevant congressional committees

The next seminar offered by the U.S.-Japan Institute, part of the Managing the American Workforce series, will be held in Atlanta on October 11&12, 1999.

Atlanta 99 Seminar Program